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Jack Pine Rock Shop

Hayward, Wisconsin

Americans have always been a little fascinated by stones. From the dawn of time when man first learned to use rocks to his advantage, in hunting, protection and even for trading, they have been part of our evaluation. The rock finds its way into our lives, literature and culture. My favorite song line is ... “to be a rock and not to roll,” by the group Led Zeppelin. Anyway, this is all by way of introduction to one of the most unique and popular little shops you’ll see all year. Get out your appointment schedule and pencil in, The Jack Pine Rock Shop, Hayward, Wisconsin. You’ll be glad you did.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss.”

Meet Jo and Phil Peterson, owners and managers of The Jack Pine Rock Shop. They moved from Wyoming, Minnesota to Hayward 12 years ago to pursue their dream. Now they’re living it and make no mistake about it, they know what they’re doing ... this is no ordinary little shop, and we’re not talking about your everyday driveway gravel either. Though I’m sure Jo and Phil get as excited about a great skipping stone as any of us.

Phil is a geologist and a carpenter by trade. Jo runs the shop and loves using her talent for cutting rocks into colorful slabs to produce a very unique product line. Inspiration hit Phil one night while sitting in one of the local establishments. Now he utilizes both of his trades and builds tables and trunks and then inlays the beautiful slabs of rock Jo cut into the tops. No two are alike. Are you ever looking for a different, one of a kind gift? Look no further, this is the place to find it.
“Just a stone’s throw away.”

The Jack Pine Rock Shop is located at 15822 E. Second Street in Hayward. It’s just a half  block off Main Street and not nearly as congested. There are so many different, dazzling displays you won’t know where to look first. This is a place where serious collectors can talk shop, yet it’s laid back and friendly enough to let shoppers just browse if they wish. There is a lot to see.

“Rock of Ages.”

This store is for people of all ages. There is literally something of interest for everyone. There are hundreds of specimens: Stones, agates, rocks, gems, minerals, even fossils on display. Most of the stones are cut and some are polished and all are beautifully displayed and marked. But don’t hesitate to ask questions. You’ll not meet a more amiable person than Jo, she clearly enjoys  talking and teaching about rocks.

“Rock me Baby.”

There are different styles or types of rocks, like beautiful amethyst. Some rocks even have their own stories and traditions named for them. Jo is a good story teller, too. Rocks, special for some reason, were contained in many amulet bags in days gone by as well as today. The Jack Pine Rock Shop carries Lapidary Supplies for those who cut or polish rocks, and even have Metaphysical stones. They have that unique rock furniture and there are many unique gift ideas.

“Rocks in your head?”

You’ll do yourself a big disservice to miss this little shop on your next visit to the Hayward area. Of course, The Jack Pine Rock shop is worth the trip all by itself. This could open a whole new world for you. But at the least you just might discover an exciting new hobby that never grows old. Come in and see one fascinating display after another and meet some pretty nice people, too. The Jake Pine Rock Shop 715-934-2130 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              715-934-2130      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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